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We can successfully take you from you first idea to the end product and beyond.

Web Design

Beautifully made, our websites are built with purpose to show your company's best sides by designing and building engaging user experiences. Leaving your customers always wanting to see more.

Web Development

Built on top of latest industry-standard technologies our websites will adapt your content to any kind of device. We can take your existing website to the next level or build you a new one from scratch.

Hosting & Domains

Get your business online. We will take care of it for you by providing high quality hosting with powerful infrastructure for top results so you can do all of your business in one place.

CMS Development

We make it easy for you to upload and modify your content. We even take it one step further allowing you to manage your content straight from the comfort of your sofa using tablet. Why spending countless hours sitting at your desk.

Mobile Development

Building native cross platform applications for iOS, Android and Windows devices, always focusing on making the apps user-friendly and intuitive as possible. Get the most out being present on all of them.


Need help in managing everything? Or just stuck with some problem?
Don't worry we got your back. Feel free to contact us at any time and we'll make sure to help you out and resolve your problems as soon as possible.


A few examples of our work with previous clients. If you would like to see more examples, contact us.

Stretch Tents Company

Web & CMS

Breffni Ryan

Web & CMS

Goulash Disko Festival

Web & CMS

Modem Festival

Web & CMS


We build cutting-edge digital solutions.

hedron.solutions is a freelance project started by Armin Aganbegović. Goal of the project is to help businesses to deliver modern, creative and unique web and mobile experiences. We are also expanding mobile approach from responsive websites to native mobile applications regardless of platform.

With over five years of industry experience and number of certifications specializing in web development hedron.solutions as a project is more than competent to turn your ideas into digital reality. Feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile for more details about areas of expertise in technology.

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